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Green Route Event

Join us on May 6, 2023 for an exciting new cycling event at Birds Hill Park!Hare & the Hound is a green route cycling club event where cyclists of all levels can participate in a fun and challenging race through the scenic park.💚CCNBikes registration link coming soon...

About Us

Founded in 2020, Green Route is a cycling club based in Winnipeg, MB and aims to build a local community with a passion for safe cycling and a love of active, healthy lifestyle.Started during the COVID-19 pandemic, Green Route provided an outlet for socially distant cyclist or cyclists new to Winnipeg looking to ride with others and explore new routes.

Our Mission

We are committed to creating a local community built on the fun principles of active, safe and sustainable cycling in our beautiful environment. Green Route aims to create a space where cyclists of all ages can learn and share, encouraging a greater shared understanding amongst road users.

The Name

Green /ɡrēn/ - make less harmful or more sensitive to the environment. Route /ro͞ot,rout/ - a way or course taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.Green Route - pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles

Green Route Cycling Club

Come Roll With Us: We're a social cycling club for all types of cyclists in the Winnipeg area. Our rides are carefully thought out to offer riders the opportunity to improve their strength and endurance. Our organizers work hard to craft routes with tempo flats that help riders improve their speed and strength. Each ride is led by experienced captains who will ensure everyone has a great time and enjoys themselves. We hope you'll join us!

Join the Club

The Green Route Cycling Club (GRCC) is a Manitoba Cycling Association affiliated club. Clicking the link below will take you to the GRCC registration site on the Manitoba Cycling Association website. Here you will Register online, and purchase a GRCC membership and a license via the Manitoba Cycling Association (minimum of a General Membership is required). If you already have an MCA membership, you will only need your club membership.

The Kit

Official Green Route Jersey and Bib Shorts
The jersey's green hue is meant to mimic the vibrant and breathtaking hues of the northern lights. The jersey and bib shorts feature sponsor logos and a modern back graphic that pokes fun at Manitoba's infamous pest - adding a new meaning to the term "wheel sucker". Show off your support for Manitoba and Green Route by purchasing this kit.



Whether you're in a new place or are just looking for a change in scenery, we got you covered! Our team of Strava and Kamoot experts developed the Green Route Route Guide for your riding pleasure. We've taken the route logistics and unknowns out of the picture so you can experience a new best bike ride.

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Ride Schedule

The Green Route Cycling Club hosts local group training rides during the Spring/Summer season as well as hosts Zwift events to help cyclists stay fit and engaged during the off-season.



Get ready for some fun new challenges! Green Route's custom workouts will help you drill your focus on the most important areas of cycling - strength, endurance, and speed.

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Green Route Cycling ClubGRCC - 30/15 VO2 biketime

Workout Library

Next GRCC has a custom workout collection which you are free to access, download files from, and to use the workouts at anytime, or to share with anyone you want. For now they are located in a separate site: The workouts are categorized by intensity, just pick one from the appropriate category for the given meetup and ride, or even do them on your own!To download a workout on it's own, simply right click on the workout in the appropriate folder and choose "Save As", "Download Link As", or whatever your platform uses to download a linked file. We will eventually be moving these to a new location where it's easier to see the details of each ride without having to download them first. Stay tuned for that!The workouts are OPTIONAL for the Monday and Tuesday virtual rides, you can pick one, do your own, or simply just ride with us.

Getting workouts into Zwift

Zwift has a very good guide for this. Below is amateur guide we've created for convenience's sake.Once you have the file unzip the package or if you downloaded one move/copy your files or file into the Zwift custom workout directory on your computer. For the PC it's located in an numbered directory in your documents folder similar to this: ".\Documents\Zwift\Workouts\<numerical-id>"We suggest you make a folder named GRCC in Zwift's custom workout folder and place the files in there so it is easier for you to find in the app. So " .\Documents\Zwift\Workouts\<numerical-id>\GRCC" as an example.From there, simply go into the Zwift app on your device and you should find all the workouts you've added in the custom workout page in the appropriate folder. Happy riding!